District Energy Analysis of College Campuses

Keywords: CHP (Combined Heating & Power), District Energy

This was a 30-slide presentation summarizing research performed at the front and back ends of a 12-year span.  In 2003 the University of Connecticut Center for Clean Energy Engineering performed a survey of US colleges & universities to analyze the use of CHP systems.  In 2015 they performed the same survey to identify trends, and the slideshow provides a good introduction into the realm of district energy, offering graphs and statistics to demonstrate the terms, data, and issues related to the topic.  Some of the analysis they provide:

  • number of district energy facilities per state
  • historic data of CHP capacity
  • efficiency of CHP over time
  • CHP capacities since 2000
  • fuel types used in CHP facilities
  • trends of CHP fuels (cost over time)

The slideshow also provided a list of resources and other literature to continue my research.  There are a couple of good diagrams, and the graphs tell a good story.  One thing of interest in the presentation was the observation that the trend of the new facility installations has been for capacities of 5MW of power.

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